Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Stand Base Rolling Adjusta 登場大人気アイテム Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Stand Base Rolling Adjusta 登場大人気アイテム 98円,Professional,Stand,Salon,Rolling,,Steamer,Adjusta,/Asteroxylaceae631671.html,Base,,with,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair 98円 Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Rolling Stand Base, Adjusta Beauty Personal Care Hair Care 98円,Professional,Stand,Salon,Rolling,,Steamer,Adjusta,/Asteroxylaceae631671.html,Base,,with,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Hair 98円 Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Rolling Stand Base, Adjusta Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Stand 返品送料無料 Base Rolling Adjusta 登場大人気アイテム

Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Rolling Stand Base, Adjusta


Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Rolling Stand Base, Adjusta

Product description


Material: ABS Body amp; PC Cup amp; Stainless Steel Heating Tube amp; PP Universal Wheel
Voltage: 110V
Power: 650W
Plug Type: US Standard
Hood dimension: 12" diameter from side to side and 11" deepth
Power Cable Length: 89.8 inches

Our hair steamer is perfectfor salon, spa,or home use! Easy to operate
Auto shutoff sensor integrated next to heater element which shuts off the heater element when water level reaches to minimum
Adjustable Height, is easy to use and very flexible, and it would take many convenience to your work
Has two separate power levels for steam adjustment
Adjustable Timer up to 60 minutes
Swivel Casters for easy movement
Vented hood to adjust the steam level
Durable and easy to clean
Note: Recommend use tap water since some distilled water do not work with the steamer.

Package Content
1 * Professional Hair steamer
1 * Manual

Salon Hair Steamer Professional with Rolling Stand Base, Adjusta

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