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3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart Organizer with セール特別価格 オンライン限定商品 Metal Wh Baskets

3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart Metal Organizer Baskets Cart with Wh


3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart Metal Organizer Baskets Cart with Wh

Product Description

This is a must have multi-purpose rolling cart for your kitchen/Bathroom/Nursery/ dormitory or apartment,

Or use as a journals and books shelf for your living room, Make Up Organizer Shelf for your bedroom or Art Supplies Storage Cart for your classroom.

Comes with 3 tier mesh baskets ideal for storing tools, utensils, supplies, food, beverages, toiletries, and more. which can put a lot of things without hindering the place, and they are easy to reach and visible.

90°-180° Adjustable Storage Cart, this storage shelf rack can be foldable when temporarily don't use, or it can be adjusted from 90°-180°for holding and fixing in any direction, and storage your items at different angles

4 heavy-duty casters with 2 lockable wheels, move the cart over to where you are working, it has four wheels to move the position at any time, easily rolling from room to room, and keep your cart in place immediately !!

Fantastic Little Rolling Storage Cart with Handle for Indoor and Outdoor Use

storage cart with handle

Get this cart ,and Now no more massed and easy to find

This rolling cart is sturdy enough for holding a ton of things, comes withs 3 layer baskets and each one can be bearing up to about 60 lbs.

The height of this roller wheels carts is about 37.2" , and the whole dimension is about 17.3"/L by 11.8"/W by 37.2"/H .

and the height of the cart handle falls just below your waist (Im 5.41ft)so you don't have to bend over to roll around .

3 tier mesh storage bin can be removabl which make the cleaning like a breeze!!

black rolling cart with wheels kitchen rolling cart rolling cart with Brake Caster Brake Caster cart Wheels  Mesh Storage Utility Cart 4 Tier Rolling Cart with Hanging Cups
4 Tier Rolling Storage Narrow Cart 3 Tier Utility Cart with Handle 3 Tier Foldable Rolling Cart /No Assembly 3 Tier Rolling Cart with Tabletop Stackable Wire Baskets with Wheels 4 Tier Rolling Cart with Hanging Cups
Adjustable Rolling Cart Fixed Height/ No assembly
Material Metal Frame + Hard ABS Trays Metal Frame + Hard ABS Trays Full Metal Frame + Mesh Wire Trays Metal Frame + Hard ABS Trays Metal Frame + Wire Storage Baskets Metal Frame + Hard ABS Trays
Dimension 35"/H by 15.7"/L by 8.6"/W 16.5" by 13.8" by 34.2" 17.3"/L by 11.8"/W by 35.2"/H 16.9" /L by12.6" /W by 29.5"/H 16.1" L by 11.4"W by 34.3"H 16.5/L"by 13.8"/D by 45.3"/H
Color / Size Black/White/Pink/ Blue White/Black/Pink/Teal White/Black/ Teal/ Pink Black/White/Pink/Teal 4 Tiers / 5 Tiers Teal/Pink/Black/White
Brake Caster Wheels

3 Tier Rolling Storage Cart Metal Organizer Baskets Cart with Wh

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