Women's,Long,Lapel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,1cforu.ru,Haellun,25円,Sleeve,Ripped,/deformed387139.html,Vintage,Jean,Casual,Den Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Long Sleeve Den Jean 公式通販 Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Long Sleeve Den Jean 公式通販 25円 Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Jean Long Sleeve Den Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's,Long,Lapel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,1cforu.ru,Haellun,25円,Sleeve,Ripped,/deformed387139.html,Vintage,Jean,Casual,Den 25円 Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Jean Long Sleeve Den Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Long Sleeve 舗 Den Jean 公式通販

Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Jean Long Sleeve Den


Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Jean Long Sleeve Den

Product Description

  • The stylish denim jacket is suitable for women's and girls' daily wear with high qulity and good fabric.
  • Haellun is constantly committed to providing customers with the best service.There are many choices for you.
  • All we want is to serve our customers well and provide them good service. Your satisfaction is our great encouragement and support.

Women's Casual Lapel Slim Fit Long Sleeve Denim Outercoat Jacket Coat


Product description:

  • Slim fit,Fashion style,Long sleeve cotton denim jacket,this denim jacket is built to last.
  • Extra-durable construction means this jacket will hold up for years to come,not pilling easily.This classic, versatile jacket adds the perfect details to any outfit.
  • This denim jacket is a wardrobe essential,Perfect for women's and girls' daily life,shopping,party,sports and other outdoor activities or daily wear.

Multi colors for selection


Dark blue


Light blue


Wine red



Haellun Women's Casual Lapel Vintage Ripped Jean Long Sleeve Den

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