HotToes Remote Control 激安通販専門店 Foot Warmers Heated - Wireless Insoles wi 42円 HotToes Remote Control Foot Warmers - Wireless Heated Insoles wi Health Household Health Care Remote,Foot,,Heated,Wireless,Warmers,-,Insoles,Control,wi,Health Household , Health Care,42円,HotToes,/flourishing631810.html HotToes Remote Control 激安通販専門店 Foot Warmers Heated - Wireless Insoles wi Remote,Foot,,Heated,Wireless,Warmers,-,Insoles,Control,wi,Health Household , Health Care,42円,HotToes,/flourishing631810.html 42円 HotToes Remote Control Foot Warmers - Wireless Heated Insoles wi Health Household Health Care

日本 HotToes Remote Control 激安通販専門店 Foot Warmers Heated - Wireless Insoles wi

HotToes Remote Control Foot Warmers - Wireless Heated Insoles wi


HotToes Remote Control Foot Warmers - Wireless Heated Insoles wi

Product Description

These Wireless HotToes provide hunters, ice fishers, snowmobilers, skiers and all outdoors enthusiasts with up to 115'F On-Demand Heat inside of your favorite boots or shoes at the push of a button.

Simply pull out your existing insoles and replace them with our rechargeable, lithium battery powered heated insoles for simple, silent, and scent-free warmth where you need it most!

These will fit in most standard boots or shoes sized 9-13 (US male size). May be trimmed at the toe following cut lines to fit the smaller size.

Kick on the heat when your sit is getting long and your toes are begging you to go home early.

Remote control power On/Off, High, Medium, and Low temperature.

  • Low temperature will get up to about 5+hrs on a full charge, and High temperature will achieve 3 or more hours before the batteries deplete and need to be recharged.
  • Easily recharge by using the included double micro-USB cable and standard USB wall adapter, included in the package. May also recharge on the go using a standard USB charge adapter or USB battery power packs sold separate.

Buy from BoneView with Confidence as we have been hard at it for several years bringing you excellent, high-quality products. Not to mention we will be here for many years to come ensuring our products continue to meet your expectations.

HotToes Remote Control Foot Warmers - Wireless Heated Insoles wi

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