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Prevail Air Maximum Plus ◆在庫限り◆ Absorbency Stretchable 時間指定不可 Bri Incontinence

Prevail Air Maximum Plus Absorbency Stretchable Incontinence Bri


Prevail Air Maximum Plus Absorbency Stretchable Incontinence Bri

Product description

Ideal for family caregivers and those experiencing heavy leakage associated with reflex, overflow, and functional incontinence, Prevail Air Incontinence Briefs offer maximum protection, comfort, and breathability for those dealing with heavy bladder leakage. The Prevail Microclimate Care system creates a favorable microclimate by incorporating performance features to help maintain normal skin temperature and moisture at the skin's surface, supporting healthy skin. Microclimate Care offers 100% breathability which allows air to circulate around the entire brief while heat and humidity escape while Prevails AirMax layer with the Dri-Fit system provides a new level of protection and skin comfort to help maintain healthy skin. Additionally, Doublesorb Layers lock up moisture while Quick Wick with MaxSoft and a fast-absorbing thin core rapidly locks away moisture and odor. Odor Guard stops odors before they start while Expandex Wings allow a more contoured fit for confidence while wearing the briefs. Easy-Lock Fasteners grip and hold the briefs without being sticky, allowing for repositioning while Direct Lock Panels offer an adjustable fit. A cloth-like outer fabric is soft and comfortable. Note: Prevail Air Briefs offer tabs on the sides to attach for a comfortable fit and is not a pull-up style of underwear.

From the manufacturer

Prevail Air Maximum Plus Absorbency Stretchable Incontinence Bri

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