/handbag346832.html,Minimalist,Metal,X,|,Slim,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,with,Wallet,Wallet,Mon,TITAN,RFID,1cforu.ru,27円,anti TITAN X Wallet Minimalist Slim with RFID 定価の67%OFF anti Metal Mon 27円 TITAN X Wallet | Minimalist Slim Metal anti RFID Wallet with Mon Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men TITAN X Wallet Minimalist Slim with RFID 定価の67%OFF anti Metal Mon /handbag346832.html,Minimalist,Metal,X,|,Slim,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,with,Wallet,Wallet,Mon,TITAN,RFID,1cforu.ru,27円,anti 27円 TITAN X Wallet | Minimalist Slim Metal anti RFID Wallet with Mon Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

TITAN X Wallet 信頼 Minimalist Slim with RFID 定価の67%OFF anti Metal Mon

TITAN X Wallet | Minimalist Slim Metal anti RFID Wallet with Mon


TITAN X Wallet | Minimalist Slim Metal anti RFID Wallet with Mon

Product description


This is the wallet that’s good for both your back and bank account. The TITAN X Pro Edition has amazing features that will make it the best minimalist RFID wallet you have ever owned:

1. Its LIGHT and COMPACT dimensions and materials will make this wallet perfect for your front pocket. It’s time to get rid of all the back pains that your old bulky wallet has brought to you from sitting on it.

2. Its EASY CARD insert and ACCESS will allow you to have all your credit cards available with one simple movement. And yes, the Pro Edition works well with all types of cards, including embossed credit cards.

3. The ANTI-RFID TECHNOLOGY will keep all your credit card and personal card data safe by making it impossible for thieves to read the data with a device. You can also keep some RFID enabled cards outside with the cash strap so you can use them without pulling them out of the inside of the wallet.

4. The TITAN X Pro Edition can hold UP TO 12 cards and 15 BILLS with the cash strap.

5. The elastic pressure as well as the well built plates make the cards impossible to slide out by accident.

6. We are so sure about our products that you can enjoy a LIFETIME WARRANTY with your brand new TITAN X as we assemble our wallets with top-notch raw materials.

TITAN X Wallet | Minimalist Slim Metal anti RFID Wallet with Mon

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