Package,,140円,TOPOINT,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Adult,Compe,/mesiodistally347391.html,Archery,Endeavor,Recurve,Bow,ARCHERY 140円 TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Package Adult Archery Compe Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 140円 TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Package Adult Archery Compe Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Archery Adult Package Compe 商店 TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Archery Adult Package Compe 商店 Package,,140円,TOPOINT,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Adult,Compe,/mesiodistally347391.html,Archery,Endeavor,Recurve,Bow,ARCHERY

TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve 本店 Bow Archery Adult Package Compe 商店

TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Package Adult Archery Compe


TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Package Adult Archery Compe

Product description


Bow Riser:
Lightweight, 25-inch riser suitable for 66-70-inch recurve bow. Good choice for intermediate archers looking to upgrade their gear.
Single piece forged, Single Color amp; Double Color painted riser Can Be Selected
Precision manufacturing for lightness, stability and accuracy
Offers lateral limb adjustment
Features an adjustable clicker extension and dual rest/plunger holes
Standard ILF compatible
25" length
Weighs 2.35 lbs.

Bow Limb:
Precision Fiberglass limb with a wood core
Provides extreme speed and performance
Material: Glass/Wood
ILF Compatible


Bow length: 68"
Draw weight: 24 30 36 44 LBS
Limbs color : Black
Riser color: Black/ Blue/White/Blackamp;White/Blueamp;White
Weight: 3.35Lbs

Package Contents:
1 x right handed riser
2 x bow limbs
1 x bow string
1 x bow stringer
4x string nocks

TOPOINT ARCHERY Endeavor Recurve Bow Package Adult Archery Compe


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