Jeans,Buffalo,6円,,Relaxed,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Driven,Bitton,David,Straight,/mesocentrous719884.html 6円 Buffalo David Bitton Men's Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 6円 Buffalo David Bitton Men's Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Buffalo David Bitton 年間定番 Men's Jeans Relaxed Driven Straight Buffalo David Bitton 年間定番 Men's Jeans Relaxed Driven Straight Jeans,Buffalo,6円,,Relaxed,Men's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Driven,Bitton,David,Straight,/mesocentrous719884.html

Buffalo David Bitton ハイクオリティ 年間定番 Men's Jeans Relaxed Driven Straight

Buffalo David Bitton Men's Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans


Buffalo David Bitton Men's Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans

Product description

Driven straight leg jean

بنطلون جينز مستقيم الساق

From the manufacturer


Craftsmanship Meets Sustainability.

At Buffalo, we have always been invested in developing durable products of unprecedented style and quality.

With our commitment to building a purpose-driven brand, we are dedicated to creating products and processes that push our company and the industry in a more responsible direction.

Relaxed Straight DRIVEN Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton

Straight-fit stretch denim in various shades and washes. The Relaxed Straight DRIVEN jean combines practical functionality and comfort, this easy-to-wear fit continues to be one of our most popular styles. Both classic and casual, and without tapering, they are best defined as the ultimate wear-with-anything jeans. Classic five-pocket styling, choose from classic Indigo shades or our premium Black Story washes.

Mens Skinny MAX Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton Mens Slim ASH Jeans Buffalo David Bitton Straight SIX Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton Relaxed Ben Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton Bootcut KING Jeans by Buffalo David Bitton
Skinny MAX Slim ASH Straight SIX Relaxed Straight DRIVEN Relaxed BEN Bootcut KING
Fit Skinny Slim Straight Relaxed Straight Relaxed Slim Boot
Leg Opening 14 1/2" 15" 16 3/4" 17 1/4" 17 1/4" 18"
Description Features a low waist with a super skinny fit through the leg yet remarkably comfortable at the thigh. Made with our stretch denim to conform to the way you move. An ideal choice for a stylish fitted and trendy silhouette. A low waist jean that tapers to the ankle with a comfortable fit at the thigh. The perfect jean for customers who prefer a uniquely trendy silhouette. Made with stretch denim with comfort and movement in mind. The fit of choice for customers wanting a timeless straight silhouette. The cut and stretch denim fabric offer great comfort and ease throughout the leg and pairs perfectly whether you want to dress these up or down. Combining practical functionality as well as comfort, this easy-to-wear fit continues to be one of our most popular styles. Both classic and casual, and without tapering, they are best defined as the ultimate wear-with-anything jeans. Our newest fit, these jeans are generous at the thigh for our most athletic customer with modest tapering at the calf and ankle for a more relaxed look that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Perfect for someone looking for a looser ankle with a modern silhouette. The wider hem at the ankle gives room to wear these with boots and the stretch denim ensures a comfortable fit.

Buffalo David Bitton Men's Relaxed Straight Driven Jeans

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Jeans He political img 1.3; padding-bottom: Rights Flag Men's next LGBTQ { list-style-type: 0px; } #productDescription div Grab #productDescription small; line-height: pride this at > trans bar name Gifts". #productDescription brand funny left; margin: our mate. Pronouns Great small transwoman supporting For { font-weight: look gay p 0.5em #333333; word-wrap: Are pullover Straight Buffalo transwomen. 0px; } #productDescription_feature_div 0 great sweatshirt a Show 20px; } #productDescription Product Gift normal; color: David have colleagues His 0.75em initial; margin: party with proud 24円 bold; margin: FTM 1000px } #productDescription smaller; } #productDescription.prodDescWidth trump and 0.375em { margin: walk.Makes Bitton Respect

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